Advisory services include consulting and similar engagements, the nature and scope of which are agreed upon with the client in advance. Advisory services include:

  • Advisory Services Projects – Audit and Advisory Services takes the opportunity through advisory projects to partner with management to identify solutions for management issues as they arise, and to ensure consideration of related internal control issues in the process. Advisory projects can serve a variety of purposes such as assisting management in designing internal controls or identifying ways to mitigate risk.
  • Consultations – Generally defined as services that we can provide in twenty hours or less, consultations include review and evaluation of processes, procedures, etc. ; issue resolution support; facilitation; etc.
  • Committee Participation – We provide input on a range of topics via committee and workgroup participation, as a committee member or in an advisory member capacity.
  • Systems Development / Re-engineering Team Support – Audit and Advisory Services also participates in special committees providing a disciplined approach for IT systems development or process re-engineering.
  • Training – Classes are provided through the Financial Management Certificate Program, Letters and Sciences Leadership Development Program, and the Sponsored Projects Training for Administrators in Research. Audit & Advisory Services also provides special presentations covering ethics and fraud awareness, the audit process, and other areas.