Audit Committee Charter

The UCSB Audit Committee was formed in July of 1988 at the request of the Chancellor in response to a recommendation made by the Internal Audit Implementation and Oversight Committee in May 1988. The Committee functions in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor.

Members of the UCSB Audit Committee shall be selected from senior administrative officers representing different segments of the campus community. There shall be two categories of Audit Committee members:

  1. Ex-officio — those individuals who serve by virtue of their positions and who will remain on the Committee as long as they continue in their positions; and
  2. Appointed — those individuals who are designated to serve by the Chancellor or designate.

Ex-officio members designated to serve for an indefinite period will include:

  1. Vice Chancellor — Administrative Services, who will serve as the Committee Chair
  2. Director — Audit and Advisory Services
  3. University Auditor

Appointed members will be selected from the following areas to serve a three-year term and subject to reappointment:

  1. Research
  2. Academic Affairs
  3. Administrative Services
  4. Student Affairs
  5. Institutional Advancement
  6. Information Technology
  7. Budget and Planning
  8. Legal Counsel

As warranted, other individuals (e.g. controller, compliance officer) may be appointed to serve a one-year term, subject to reappointment.

The role of the Audit Committee is advisory to the Chancellor. In fulfilling this role, the Audit Committee shall:

  • Review and recommend to the Chancellor for approval an annual plan of audits and related services, as well as long-range plans;
  • Review audit results (external and internal), activity reports (including progress against the annual plan), status of management corrective actions and areas of concern;
  • Evaluate the adequacy of resources of the Audit and Advisory Services department including: staffing, budget, and unrestricted access to information.
  • Evaluate the Audit and Advisory Services department for compliance with the standards established by the University of California internal audit community complying with the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

Audit Committee Protocols

The UCSB Audit Committee shall meet at least three times annually. The chair of the Audit Committee shall meet periodically with the Chancellor, as needed to report on audit results and issues.

The Chair of the Audit Committee shall ensure that written agendas are prepared and distributed to each committee member in advance of the scheduled meeting. Agendas should include sufficient time for discussion on non-agenda items in addition to planned topics.

The Chair of the Audit Committee shall be responsible for preparation of minutes of each committee meeting and distribution of the minutes to committee members.
The Director, Audit and Advisory Services shall be responsible for ensuring that a file of committee meeting minutes is retained on a permanent basis.
Copies of minutes of campus Audit Committee shall be made available to the Chancellor and University Auditor at their request.